Choreo’s reporting and
aggregation services

All your data, performance and analytics in one place

High-net-worth families need timeliness, visibility and accuracy to effectively manage their investment portfolios. Unfortunately, family leadership is often forced to rely on dated quarterly investment performance information. Working from separate Excel spreadsheets and proprietary reports from individual managers makes it challenging to consolidate and evaluate the performance of their investments. This lack of transparency and visibility across portfolios can lead to frustration and confusion for clients and advisors.

With Choreo’s reporting and aggregation services capabilities, advisors and families can monitor and track daily consolidated investment performance of marketable securities as well as asset allocation for all investment holdings. For those who invest in private equity, venture capital and hedge fund holdings, reporting is updated as information is provided by the sponsoring investment company.

System Features

The system automatically downloads and reconciles every transaction in every connected account every day, providing you with accurate performance analysis and tracking. Account performance can be viewed by time-weighted return or internal rate of return at the security, account, or household levels. Advisors can also create customized reporting groups. This customization and flexibility allow you to provide the appropriate level of detail to defined family members. For example, the first generation may need greater visibility into fund values, cash flows and distributions than the second generation. The level of detail is set by family leadership; this flexibility offers an attractive alternative to predefined, fixed reports.

In addition to investment performance, the system compares risk-adjusted performance to various well-known benchmarks, or custom generated benchmarks defined by holdings. It can compare advanced statistics, including standard deviation, Sharpe ratio, alpha, beta, upside/downside capture, covariance and more at any reporting level. Other system features include:

  • Complete account analytics – Sharpe ratios, upside/ downside capture, etc. grouped by account, manager, household, or custom groups
  • Projected income – dividends and interest month-to-month
  • Fixed income analysis – maturity/coupon distribution, S&P and Moody’s ratings, yield-to-maturity, modified duration and more
  • Consolidated account performance – aggregate data from various managers to measure value
  • Performance evaluation – risk-adjusted performance measurement relative to goals, objectives and appropriate objective standards
  • Portal access – account data and shared reports through the integrated client portal
  • Alternative investment/private equity – vintage year, commitment date, commitment amount, capital called, percent called, remaining capital, total distributions, total value, and internal rate of return

Our Philosophy

Choreo’s integrated technology is part of a full suite of services designed to help meet the sophisticated financial needs of affluent families. Our approach focuses on a philosophy dedicated to providing you confidential and strategic financial management services that help you, and all generations of your family, address the complexities and challenges you might face.

Our advisors work closely with you to navigate the complexities of wealth management and provide solutions to your personal goals.

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