Leadership Profile

Craig Bartlett

Senior Vice President of Advisors

Craig has over thirty years experience in the financial services and advisory industry.

Spanning multiple distribution channels and organizations, he has consistently focused on empowering advisors to create high level client experiences focused on helping families achieve their goals.

Craig earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Iowa with an eye on becoming a high school teacher. While life led him down a different path, he never abandoned his love of education and has worked to help organizations, advisors and clients learn how to structure their finances in order to spend more time doing what they love most. Craig has worked with several Fortune 100 firms and made the transition to the RIA space in order to contribute more directly to the vision and direction of a smaller organization.

Craig and his wife live the Minneapolis area with their three children where they enjoy spending time on the water and engaging in the vibrant cultural scene. In his spare time Craig enjoys exercising and playing bass guitar with his band.